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    · July 30, 2020
    a floral favorite

    When it’s 100 degrees, I tend to stick to dresses and breezy silhouettes. This one by Roller Rabbit is perfect for the temperature. It’s a lightweight, breathable cotton and could be worn with casual flip

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    · July 27, 2020
    35 favorite long flowy dresses

    For me, 2020 has been the year of the long flowy dress. Perfect for spending so much time inside yet feeling put together. Plus, maybe it’s just me but I’ve definitely been enjoying a bit

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    · July 17, 2020
    my “it” bag for summer

    When it comes to handbags in the summer, I always tend to reach for natural textures and easy shapes to carry. Summer is all about keeping things as relaxed as possible, right? The bag I’m

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    · July 14, 2020
    a new favorite sandal

    It has officially been almost five months since I’ve worn a high heel. That is, until the other night when I got dressed up in a fun summer dress and threw on a heeled sandal.

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    · May 22, 2020
    10 Ways I Make My Home Feel Special

    Being home for so long has definitely been a learning adjustment for us, and I’m sure many of you can relate. Up until our recent car trip we took last weekend where we also stayed

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    · May 13, 2020
    the perfect sandal

    But it truly is. And not just because that’s the name Sarah Flint picked for this comfortable and stylish little heel.      This is the Perfect Block Sandal 60. It has a 2.5 inch