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    · September 15, 2020
    our long weekend at Sea Island

    It’s official… it’s one of our favorite places. I already kind of thought it, but now it’s confirmed. We had a stay planned at Sea Island for late spring, but kept pushing it back due

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    · September 14, 2020
    my favorite housewarming gift ideas

    What’s crazy throughout this pandemic is that our housing market in Charleston has been exploding with record breaking highs, month after month since the spring. I think people have had more time to search the

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    · September 3, 2020
    heading back to school

    Whatever school looks like this year for you and your children, the time is here to get back into the swing of things one way or another. Our two started back in person earlier this

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    · August 24, 2020
    currently eyeing

    A few things I’m currently eyeing. The prettiest white dress that I certainly wouldn’t stow away come September. Would style it with this fun coin necklace and these amazing hoops—oh and don’t forget the mask.

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    · August 19, 2020
    making our own experiences

    Brandon’s all-time favorite thing to do is to take the boat out to the marsh flats when the tide is coming in to try and catch redfish. He never keeps them—it’s always release when it

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    · August 3, 2020
    10 of our favorite children’s books

    I know I’m likely leaving out a few I should mention and have simply forgotten, but here are some of our absolute favorite books to read Watson and Rosie. Books we all enjoy… books that