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    · March 25, 2021
    a “mommy & me” clothing collab to look out for

    Two of my favorite brands have joined forces to create the chicest “mommy & me” collection yet…   If you’re a mama (especially if you live in the south!), then you probably recognize the brand,

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    · March 12, 2021
    easter basket filler ideas

    Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. The changing weather, the meaning behind this Lenten season, blooming flowers, an underlying sense of renewal and hope, those first beach days… I could go on and

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    · February 24, 2021
    we moved! our plan for the next year

    If you’re following along on Instagram, then you already know we recently moved! It was kind of a whirlwind. To give you the backstory, you may recall that we bought an older home back in

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    · February 16, 2021
    Harbour Island

    We sold our home and had to be out by the 10th of January, but as the holidays were approaching and we couldn’t find a rental to move into for the next year while we

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    · January 28, 2021
    5 Easy Things I Do Daily to Create Big Change

    I’m always striving to be more in tune with my body—to recognize when my body is asking for something it is missing or when it responds well to something I’m doing, for example. I’ve done

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    · January 20, 2021
    becoming a yes girl

    I’m an ambivert. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a blend of both an extrovert and an introvert, with one end weighing heavier based on the person’s mood, goals, and context. An outgoing introvert,