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    · August 5, 2021
    my new take on self care

      Here’s a perspective twist for you. I heard in class recently that we should look at self-care as a gift to others. That was the first time I’ve ever looked at self-care in that

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    · July 12, 2021
    how I reversed my melasma

    I say this title lightly because I definitely do still have some small, fading areas of melasma on my skin, but nothing at all like I used to. I can’t even tell you how many

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    · June 10, 2021
    how I make my daily green juice

    It’s amazing how much better I feel when I take the time to make my green juice in the mornings. I think it’s also a mental thing—I start my day off on a really healthy

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    · January 28, 2021
    5 Easy Things I Do Daily to Create Big Change

    I’m always striving to be more in tune with my body—to recognize when my body is asking for something it is missing or when it responds well to something I’m doing, for example. I’ve done

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    · January 12, 2021
    the joy of sleep

    It’s actually something I never have found much joy in, honestly. Rather more of a chore… going to sleep when I’d much rather be awake and getting things done. Even if that just means watching

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    · November 17, 2020
    my review of the our place always pan

    If you’ve seen this pan floating around social media like I have, keep reading because I’ve got something to tell you about it—plus a code to get the pan for under $100 when it’s usually